Welcome to OPTICA GRACIA. Our optical shop offers you the best treatment because our team of 3 optometrists and 2 fashion stylists commit to care for each individual guest.

Monica Gracia Terrafata is a licensed optician with over 19 years of experience and she is extremely knowledgeable regarding eye health, as well as the selection and fitting of all types of frames and lenses.

Our shop offers a full range of services from routine prescriptions to highly specialized lenses. We specialize in the use of premium lenses of Spanish production (Indo and Prats), as well as the international French and German lenses (Essilor and Zeiss).

We offer a wide variety lenses with different characteristics such as antireflective and polarized lenses, as well as photo-chromic, monofocal or bifocals, progressive or lenses customized for special needs like the last and more trendy colored mirror lens. We have extensive experience in dealing with difficult prescriptions and achieving optimal results.

Soft, hard and progressive contact lenses are fitted in our optical cabinet. In addition we offer cosmetic lenses with a wide selection to transform your appearance with nonprescription lenses in any color imaginable.

Our brands include Chanel, Bvlgari, Dior, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and many more. We have the newest models of the most popular brands, and we are constantly upgrading our selection to offer you the best choices. We also provide high quality lenses with inexpensive frames that are of good quality and can be customized with your prescription in a really short period of time.