Glasses with Blue Filter for SEE & GO! ® PROTECT screens: They protect the eyes in the long term against blue light and UV radiation and reduce eye fatigue. SEE & GO! ® PROTECT glasses are equipped with ORMIX CRIZAL® PREVENCIA lenses.



Glasses for screens with Blue filter lenses, help you better visual performance and minimize visual fatigue.

Computer glasses protect your eyes from the harmful light emitted by screens and electronic devices.
Thanks to the selective premium anti-reflective coating against harmful blue light, SEE & GO! ® PROTECT glasses:
• Long-term protection of eyes against blue light and UV radiation (1)
• They allow the passage of the turquoise blue light essential for the
correct functioning of the body and the regulation of the REM phase of sleep.

Front Color Family: Tortoise Gray Acetate
Size 5.4 cm
bridge 1.8 cm
rod length 13.5 cm
Lenses material: ormix 1.6 essilor
Lens property: Crizal Prevenzia blue-ultraviolet filter.

Complete equipment Glasses + case + microfiber towel.

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