Systane Ultra: Moisturizing and lubricating eye drops to relieve the sensation of gritty and dry eyes. Quickly relieve red and itchy eye symptoms by acting like a tear naturally. Recommended with the use of contact lenses providing better comfort and to relieve eye fatigue caused by the use of screens.

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Except in cases of allergy to any of the components of SYSTANE ULTRA, you can apply the eye drops 3 to 4 times a day to hydrate your eyes either at any time of the day to refresh the eyes or before or after putting on contact lenses and provide extra hydration.

-Polyethylene glycol 400
-Propylene glycol
-Boric acid
-Potassium chloride
-Sodium chloride
Polyquad ® (Polydronium Chloride)

SYSTANE ULTRA comes in a small 10 ml container that you can take with you anywhere. If we have it in stock, we will send you home in 24 hours and at a great price an effective eye drops for conjunctivitis, itching and eye irritation.

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